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Sacramento Considering Plan To Turn Parking Spots Into Miniature Parks

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - From parking spots to "parklets" – an urban idea could start popping up here in Sacramento. And the idea is to sprinkle little patches of green across town.

Next week, the city will take up the proposal to turn space being used for parking into serene, outdoor recreational spaces known as parklets.

"I think it gives it more of green feel to it," said Robin Little of Bikes and Bites, talking about the new idea.

"It builds a sense of community," said Sacramento resident Jeremy Greene.

The city of Sacramento is mulling over a parklet pilot program, following in the footsteps of San Francisco, which created the first parklet and now has 38. There, parklets vary in design from classy -- with a wood bench and plants -- to a simple one with trees and chairs.

The city says parklets will help support local businesses, encourage growth in neighborhoods and provide a positive, calming effect on passing traffic.

Little says the parklets will also provide a place for people to gather and enjoy each other's company and bring more customers to midtown Sacramento businesses.

"I think parks are generally places where people congregate. And anytime you have people stopping and slowing down, enjoying themselves instead of maybe walking on by, I think that's always good for business," said Clay Nutting, owner of Lowbrau beer hall.

Nutting and his customers would like to see one outside his restaurant.

"I think definitely shaded, because when it gets warm we definitely need a spot where it has shade and that we can feel comfortable," said Lowbrau customer Jennifer Manthei.

"I think it brings the community together; I think it's a good idea," said Jeremy Greene, a Sacramento resident.

On Tuesday, the city council will discuss the plan to allow parklets. The cost of developing the parklets will be paid by private businesses and groups looking to enhance their streets and areas.

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