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Sacramento Police Plan To Release Deadly Shooting Video By End Of Week

MARCH 21 4 p.m. UPDATE: Sacramento Police have released body cam and aerial footage of the shooting.


SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — New details from the Sacramento Police Department were released on Tuesday about the deadly officer-involved shooting in South Sacramento over the weekend.

According to police, Stephon Clark was shot at 20 times and was hit multiple times.

"It doesn't seem real. In the heart of California, it doesn't seem real," said Stevante Clark, Stephon's older brother.

Still shook up after losing his younger brother, Stevante Clark is trying to understand Sunday night's deadly encounter.

"I know there could have been another way. He didn't have to die," said Clark.

According to police, Stephon Clark was breaking car windows and a home glass door in South Sacramento when confronted by police in his grandparents' backyard. Police say he extended his arms with something in his hands.

"Fearing for their safety, the officers fired their duty weapon, striking the subject multiple times," said Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn.

In all, 20 rounds were fired. It's not known how many struck Clark, but he was pronounced dead.

No weapon was found. Only a cellphone was recovered at the scene.

"He didn't deserve it," said Clark.

The father of two had a troublesome past. Clark says his brother was arrested several times before for various crimes. Clark also says he recently noticed a difference in Stephon.

"He really changed his life. He really changed his life," said Clark.

On Tuesday night, frustrated speakers took on city leaders.

"Did Mr. Clark really have to die? It does seem that way to the community," said Richard Owen.

A handful of speakers pled with the city manager to take action against the officers.

"We are asking for justice and for those police officers to be arrested," said Kevin Carter.

An oversight committee will review the investigation. Clark's family will see any and all video from the scene. And the public will also be made aware of the investigation's findings.

"What we can do is make sure that our processes are transparent and open and that we are communicating with the public as well," said Sacramento City Councilman Larry Carr.

There are new policies for transparency, but still, people in the community are demanding justice.

"Nothing has changed. We look today to see that it's the same thing over and over," said Carter.

Police are required to release to the public all video relating to an officer-involved shooting within 30 days of the incident.

Hahn says the department plans to show the video to Stephon Clark's family by the end of the week. The video from the body cameras of two officers and a police helicopter will be made publicly available within a week, well ahead of the requirements.

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