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Sacramento Police Establish Registry For Businesses Left Empty During Coronavirus Crisis

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento businesses are getting some protection against the coronavirus.

"That means a lot of things for us, if we have your contact information, the big thing is that our area command can now communicate with you on a streamlined manner," says Sacramento police officer Karl Chan.

Police have now set up a registry for businesses left idle while coronavirus is forcing so many closures. For businesses that sign up, police will provide increased patrols, especially at night, and redeployment of specialized units to shopping centers. Additionally, all business burglary alarms are now entered as a call for service to be dispatched.

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The registry comes right on time for store owners like Andy Paul, co-owner of Andy's Candy's in downtown Sacramento.

"Well someone did get into the building back hallway and they flipped a water spigot and we had some damage there," Paul said.

If you have a business in Sacramento and want some extra protection, you can sign up on the department's website:

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