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Sacramento Police make announcement about explosions heard in Land Park

SACRAMENTO -- The Sacramento Police Department announced Thursday that explosions heard in the South Land Park neighborhood are coming from IEDs, improvised explosive devices.

"It's very dangerous stuff. Very dangerous," said Eduardo Monterrubio, who lives in the affected Sacramento neighborhood.

Ex-Marine Eduardo Monterrubio is familiar with how IEDs sound but never expected to hear them while living in Sacramento.

"Well it's pretty scary to hear something so close and your windows rattle, and you get scared your wife gets scared." Eduardo showed us his fence, damaged from one of the explosions.

"They've been dropping bombs underneath the freeway. They threw one at my fence and blew a hole into it, he continued.

Sacramento Police believe that the explosions that have occurred in the area are related and are asking anyone with any information regarding potential suspects to come forward.

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