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Sacramento Police Laying Out Security Plan For Golden 1 Center

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Big changes are fast approaching in Downtown Sacramento, as we are now just two months away from opening day of the Golden 1 Center.

Thousands are expected to pack the arena. So we wanted to know, what's the plan to keep people safe?

Sacramento Police says training is now underway to prepare all officers.

As construction quickly grinds into its final stages at the Golden 1 Center, it's not just fans gearing up.

"This is a big change in the landscape in downtown," said Sacramento Police Sgt. Bryce Heinlein.

Sacramento Police are mapping out and memorizing the full scale 1.5 million-square foot arena layout, and its surroundings. All 653 officers are being trained on the "ins and outs" of the giant sports center.

"There's going to be an increased police presence inside the arena as well as outside during events," said Heinlein.

He says no exit or entrance will go unmanned. Officers will also stake out at undisclosed locations. And they'll be ready for an emergency.

"We will have our bike unit, officers on foot, in patrol cars—we will saturate the area," said Heinlein.

There will be beefed up patrols on and off site. Police will monitor the arena zone at the department's new real time crime center.

Crews are working on installing 10 police pods around the arena—cameras mounted on street lights, which will have eyes on anyone walking or driving in the vicinity.

Lanai Burke plans to bring her baby if she attends game day. So before going, she may scope out the new downtown, to get a lay of the land.

"You don't know, it's going to be so jam-packed down there," said Burke.

City officials say they're working with Sacramento Police on a "comprehensive transportation plan" to control traffic in and around the Downtown.

That plan won't be released until next month.

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