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Sacramento Plays Host To Wheelchair Basketball Tournament

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – When people first hear of wheelchair basketball, they probably aren't anticipating this level of intensity.

"I think they hear wheelchair basketball and they think 'wheelchair in a basketball' and don't really know the athleticism how quick how fast we are, the great athletes these players are ," said two-time Paralympian Joseph Chambers.

Chambers knows this better than anyone. Having represented the US in both Beijing and London, he's an inspiration to those on the team.

"It's hard enough being disabled and if you have something to aspire to go after and be a part of, and to be a part of something I think is really special," Chambers said.

Not to mention the comradery. The friendships translate on the basketball court, too.

"I think there is a close brotherhood between all of us. We're pretty close and have been playing together for a long time," Chambers said.

Martin Harris coaches the team and his brother. After playing collegiate ball, Harris is finding there isn't much difference in the sport.

"The same principles apply: teamwork, spread the ball – all that takes place in wheelchair basketball," Harris said.

The team has already qualified for the championships.  Sunday's game just helps determines what seed they are. They are looking forward to showing everything they have to offer.

"Represent our city and represent where we are from and who we are," Chambers said.

The team is currently ranked 8th in the nation.

Wheelchair basketball teams exist for all levels of play, from children to adults.

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