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Sacramento City Council Approves $440,000 to Get Ballistic Doors on Patrol Cars

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Sacramento Police patrol cars will soon have ballistic doors.

The Sacramento City Council voted Tuesday night to approve more than $440,000 to buy the doors, which can also be used as a shield if officers come under fire.

The decision to get the ballistic doors came after two bullets came through a car door during a shootout in September in South Sacramento. In that incident, two police officers, Victor Wolfe and Tim Martin, were injured.

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The department's cars are made by Ford, which offers ballistic panels as an option. The upgrade costs $3,300 on a new vehicle and $5,500 on an existing vehicle.

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The department had previously made a decision to equip all future cars with the ballistic doors.

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department and California Highway Patrol already have the ballistic doors on fleet vehicles.

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