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Sacramento paramedic delivers 2 babies on the job, learns they are cousins

Same Sacramento paramedic delivers baby cousins while on the job on different days
Same Sacramento paramedic delivers baby cousins while on the job on different days 02:16

SACRAMENTO - Cousins who couldn't wait to make it to the hospital share a bond beyond birthright. A reunion happened Thursday for two Sacramento-area families as they greeted paramedic Diana Borshch who helped deliver their baby girls at their homes.

"We did pray for God to protect us and to place all the right people in the delivery room, and God was like, 'OK, I'll send Diana,' " Irana Ivanov said.

In July 2022, a pregnant Irana had three weeks to go when she began having cramps and decided to take a bath.

"I told Alex, 'You need to call an ambulance,' and he was like, 'No, we can make it to the hospital,' and I said, 'It's either the bathtub or the hallway,' " she told CBS13.

Borshch arrived just in time to deliver their little girl named Dove. Irana, who works in the medical field, was impressed.

"She was so professional, so kind and she told most of the people there to clear the room just so she could give me some space," she said. "It was so nice."

Then, just last month, Borshch responded to the call when Irana's sister-in-law, Olyvia Ivanov, went into labor – also in a bathtub.

"She knew what to do," Olyvia said. "She was very calming, reassuring and I felt at ease."

Borshch helped deliver baby Evelyn at home. Olyvia was so grateful.

"I said, 'Do you do this very often? Is this a common thing?' She said, 'No, not really,' and then she looked at my last name and said, 'Oh, are you related to the other Ivanovs?' And I said, 'Oh my gosh, yes. My sister-in-law,' " Olyvia said.

"And I said, 'Oh my goodness! I delivered both of your babies,'" Borshch

It was a strange coincidence and in yet another strange circumstance, Borshch knew Irana from a mission trip years ago through their churches. Was it divine intervention? Both women believe so.

"It was awesome to know that the same guardian angel that came to us was able to accompany them," Irana said.

Two nieces and cousins were born in their own time, in their own place thanks to the training and good timing of one paramedic.

"I feel just humbled to see the outcome. Everybody is doing good. The babies are beautiful," Borshch said.

On a funny side note, Dove, who is now a toddler, was born on 7/11.

Borshch is now helping teach at the academy. She said she has now helped birth more than a half dozen babies on the job as a Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District paramedic.

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