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Sources: Group Of Women Embroiled In Sacramento Catholic School OnlyFans Scandal

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - There's a new twist in the growing Catholic school scandal that started with Sacramento-area mom Crystal Jackson's kids being expelled for her racy online photos and videos. More women are selling risque videos online, but their children are still allowed to go to their Catholic schools.

Sources tell CBS13 a Sacramento mom, Crystal Jackson, known as "The Real Mrs. Poindexter" online, is part of a group of Sacramento women who sell sexual content online.

At least three other women appear nude on her OnlyFans account, a subscription service where content creators can earn money from fans who sign up to view their content. Two show their faces, but one hides her identity.

Jackson said her account generates up to $150,000 a month.

"Then it started taking off," she said.

The Jacksons' three boys under 12 were asked to leave Sacred Heart Parish because of her OnlyFans account.

Three weeks ago, the former athletic director at Sacred Heart Parish "forcibly resigned" for his connection to the sexual photos online.

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His two kids were allowed to stay enrolled at Sacred Heart, but sources told CBS13 he pulled his kids from the school shortly after his resignation.

CBS13 has learned that at least one other Sacramento mom with kids at both Jesuit High School and Sacred Heart Parish also​ posted sexual content online on Only Fans. We were told her children were still enrolled at the schools.

The growing scandal has parents writing to us asking to remain anonymous. One mother wrote:

"A Catholic school isn't just a school, that's why they want to send their kids there, because it is a community of people that come together for the shared values. If you don't share those values, and you were actively trying to undermine them, I feel like it's only fair you were asked to leave."

Another shared on Facebook:

"It's a private school, the parents most likely signed a contract that states their moral standing matters."

But some are supporting these women online saying:

"Leave them alone. The kids probably never would have known if it hadn't become such a big deal."

Now five kids in total are no longer enrolled at this school because of their ties to these videos online.

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