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Sacramento Mayor Wants Firm Number From MLS On Expansion Goal

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Mayor Darrell Steinberg says Sacramento is going all out to win the next expansion spot in Major League Soccer, and he unveiled a "plan B" if Sacramento doesn't get it.

He's proposing a side deal with Major League Soccer.

Steinberg says he's asking MLS Commissioner Don Garber to name a dollar figure for Sacramento's investor group to hit and if the investor group reaches it, he's asking the commissioner to award Sacramento a team, regardless of what other cities present the league.

"We want to be in that separate category where if we meet the equity requirements, then we get a team," Steinberg said.

A spokesperson for MLS told CBS13 he did not have an immediate comment and said he was looking into the mayor's proposal.

"We need to know exactly what it's going to take to get awarded the franchise," Steinberg said.

Sacramento lead investor Kevin Nagle has said he is in talks with several so-called "whale" investors to add to his group's total dollar figure.

Steinberg is also talking to the group.

"It's going pretty well," Steinberg said, "but it takes time."

Steinberg also ruled out public dollars as part of the investment bid.

"Are you seeking new public financing for this?" CBS13's Steve Large asked?

"No," Steinberg said. "No."

Major League Soccer delayed the announcement of its next expansion city at the end of 2017, after awarding Nashville a new franchise. The commissioner announced the league would decide on its next expansion city sometime in 2018. Cincinnati, Detroit, and Sacramento have all submitted bids that are being considered.

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