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Sacramento Man Who Advertised Resume on Street Corner, Employed Within Hours

RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) — A local man down on his luck took to the streets to look for help, but he wasn't asking for handouts, instead he was asking for a job. A good Samaritan noticed his efforts and posted his story online, and a caring business owner answered the call, offering him a job at a nearby restaurant.

Aside from serving up wings and tenders, KiKi's Chicken in Rancho Cordova is also serving up second chances.

"It threw me for a loop because I didn't expect this to happen so fast," said George Silvey.

Friday was Silvey's first day on the job, washing dishes and taking out the trash. But less than 24 hours before, the Vietnam Veteran was standing on a street corner in Folsom, holding a sign.

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Instead of begging for money, he was begging for work and handing out resumes to whoever would take one.

"I know that once I get my foot in the door, I can make a lot of money real fast. All I need is the opportunity," Silvey said.

That opportunity came when a woman stepped in to help Silvey after meeting him and posted his story — along with his resume — on social media.

"And she goes, 'we'll get you a job. I'll make sure of it,'" said Silvey.

Within hours, Silvey's phone rang. "It was my lucky day."

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The owners of KiKi's Chicken were on the other line.

"How many people are really asking to earn their money when you see them out on the street? And how can you say no to someone that actually wants to take the initiative to take care of himself," said Summer Gonzalez, co-owner of KiKi's Chicken.

Silvey even showed up early for his very first day.

"He put his shirt right on and he got right to work. He's a great guy," said Gonzalez.

The new employee says he's eager to earn a living and thankful for those who gave him the chance.

"It means so much that there are people out there that really care," said Silvey.

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