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Sacramento Man Pays Taco Bell Employees $100 Each To Make Anniversary Of Horrifying Experience

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Taco Bell isn't just a fast-food restaurant chain for Shan Horan.

"Taco Bell's important because when I was 16, I think it was one of my first jobs saving for college and Christmas presents for my family," Horan said.

The trips take him back to the days of saving every penny he made for school and gifts but, they also bring back some terrifying memories.

"Twenty years ago I actually got robbed at gunpoint while closing shop at Taco Bell. So, one of the scariest points of my life," Horan said.

He called that day his "life day." Horan has had December 14 circled on his calendar for two decades; knowing his life could've ended at that Taco Bell in Flagstaff, Arizona.

"I wanted to do something kind of interesting 20 years later and actually get Taco Bell," Horan said.

But his order of tacos supreme turned into something extraordinary for those making his food at the Greenhaven Plaza Taco Bell in the Pocket area of Sacramento.

"Sporadically, I ended up paying every employee $100 apiece," Horan said.

"It kind of came out of nowhere," Jordin Hines, an employee who received $100 from Horan, said.

It was a moment that made Hines and his fellow employees feel beyond blessed.

"A couple of employees have kids and stuff that they need to take care of. And I've been trying to save up and fix my car," Hines said. "He definitely has a good heart."

That kind-hearted spirit is making an impact on those making one taco at a time.

"Now, I feel like I got to do the same thing when I get in a better position. So, it's definitely spreading the holiday spirit," Hines said.

A feeling that Horan was hoping to bring for these employees.

"Hopefully, I spread some cheer and gave them a little bit extra for gifts for their family," Horan said.

It was an act that Horan didn't plan on doing.

But, as he looked back on his past, he's glad he could make other's futures a little brighter and greener.

"Out of all people, I understand how hard these people work, you know, to save for college or their families, to pay bills especially now with coronavirus it's really tough for everyone," Horan said.

If you're wondering what Horan is now doing 20 years after that scary situation, he's now working for Republic Records. That's the label for artists such as Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, and Post Malone.

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