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Sacramento man goes from foster care to finding calling as a pharmacy tech

Sacramento man goes from hardship to hard at work
Sacramento man goes from hardship to hard at work 02:07

SACRAMENTO — From foster care to pharmacy tech, a young man didn't just overcome a challenging childhood – he wants to make sure others can do the same.

Macario Harris is only 24 years old, but he's already found his calling.  

He's one of seven people to graduate from a special program and immediately get hired by CVS to work in one of their Sacramento pharmacies. While the road to success hasn't been easy, he went from hardship to hard at work.

"Once I got into it, I was like, 'I love this. I think I can see myself, I know I can see myself doing this,' " he said.

It hasn't been an easy journey for him. Macario, better known as Mac, grew up in the California foster care system.

"I've been in group homes, I've been in foster families and THP homes," he said.

It was a challenging path that drove him to where he is now. Mac went through the pharmacy technician pre-employment program, which is a program that helps underserved youth.

"It changed my life, honestly," he said. "Didn't really know what I was doing, you know, what I was doing before, and I kind of just asked for a sign."

That sign came when he learned about a partnership between CVS Health and First Place For Youth, a Bay Area nonprofit he was already involved in.

"Not only do we attract diverse talent but we help build healthier communities," said Marques Hancock, a CVS workforce initiative manager.

Mac was one of 10 graduates of a free, five-week course in Fairfield, and he's now been hired as a pharmacy tech.

"So being able to give back in that way and then seeing someone flourish, it's amazing," Hancock said. "You really can't put words on it."

Mac is now finding the best medicine through helping others.

"Even though my past was rough and I was hurt so many times, I was able to succeed and let go of that and help other people with their life," he said.

Ultimately, Mac wants to become a pharmacist and child and family therapist.

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