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Sacramento Man, Jorge Riley, Seen In Reddit Video Storming US Capitol

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento man can be seen in a video circulating on Reddit describing how he and hundreds of others stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

The FBI cannot say whether or not they're currently investigating Jorge Riley for his potential role in the middle of the mob.

The California Republican Assembly, a political organization, confirmed the man seen in the video is Riley. Riley was a CRA board member and president of the Sacramento chapter of the organization.

In a statement, the CRA said: "The California Republican Assembly strongly condemns lawlessness. It is not an appropriate way to seek redress from our government and is inconsistent with the values of CRA. We have come to learn that a member of CRA did take part in the events at the Capitol. CRA President Johnnie Morgan has demanded that the member, Jorge Riley of Sacramento, resign his membership in CRA immediately as it is important to have leaders who's actions exemplify positive engagement in the civil governance process. If he does not resign, we will seek his expulsion from the organization."

In the video, Riley can be heard saying "We broke the windows, we went in the door, we pushed our way in." He describes what happened as he stormed in, "I got pepper-sprayed three times."

Riley is seen wearing a Sacramento Republic FC shirt under a jacket in the video. Republic FC issued the following statement in response to the video:

"The individual in this video is not a Republic FC member, has no association with the club in any manner, and unequivocally does not represent the values of this club. We have already shared all information with the appropriate authorities.

Violence and the desecration of our democratic institutions that bind us together is unacceptable in all forms.  We will not stand for it and will continue to work in our community every day to promote unity, respect, appreciation and love for one another."

This discovery came as hundreds of officers prepare for more potential unrest next week. CBS13 asked a former FBI agent and current private investigator about the number of resources poured into protecting the surrounding community.

"I don't think we have to be mysterious about what we're doing here," Rick Smith, former FBI agent, said. "We're afraid of being overrun."

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On Thursday, fencing could be seen lining the perimeter of the Capitol with CHP officers surrounded the building. Smith said the public should know that officers will be ready.

But despite all of the preparation, Mayor Darrell Steinberg sent this message: "Please don't come down around the Capitol."

Steinberg said it wasn't an easy plea to make as he knows businesses are hurting, and could only just now open for outdoor dining again. Ernesto Delgado, one of the restaurant owners along the Capitol area, said they'd remain open if protests erupt.

"We're just ready for whatever comes," Delgado said. "We'll try to deal with it the best we can."

Steinberg said it's all hands on deck for Sacramento police. He said all vacations have been canceled, other government buildings will be protected and all will be ready to assist.

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