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Second Suspect Arrested In Connection To Homemade Bombs Set Off In Cars

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A total of two people have now been arrested in the case of homemade explosive devices found detonated in south Sacramento cars back in January.

Sacramento police officers responded to the 4000 block of 34th Street to investigate a reported explosion back on Jan. 28. When they arrived, officers found a car that had suffered significant damage consistent with an explosion from inside.

An Explosive Ordnance Detail team responded and processed the scene. Based on what they found, investigators believe a homemade explosive device was detonated in the unoccupied car.

CBS13 spoke to a neighbor who lived close to this first explosion. He said he was not home at the time, but shortly after, saw two people at the car trying to steal parts, like a catalytic converter. He said when they saw him, they drove off, but he is concerned.

In video shared with CBS13, the vehicle damage includes a blown-out front window, driver's side and passengers windows were blown out and glass shattered, and residue on the outside of the car. The person behind the camera said she can still smell smoke shortly after the homemade bomb went-off.

Nearly a week later, broken glass and small pieces from the vehicle are still in the road on 34th Street near where it was parked. A similar incident less than a week later.

Early Friday evening, police say they got another report of a possible explosion, this time near 20th Avenue and 32nd Street.

Again, officers found an unoccupied vehicle that had suffered significant damage. Another investigation by the EOD team revealed that, like the first incident, a homemade explosive device looks to have been detonated inside the car.

Materials 3
Some of the materials found during the search of Darren Melton's residence. (Credit: Sacramento Police Department)

On Saturday night, the EDO team blocked most of 32nd Street with caution tape and police vehicles. A Sacramento police spokesperson confirmed the team was in the area as a follow up to the incident Friday night.

Police now say that this follow-up investigation eventually led to officers serving a search warrant. Two more active pipe bombs, along with evidence that the suspect also detonated another one near 19 Avenue and 32nd Street, were found.

Cody Wiggs, 23, has been arrested in connection to the case, police say. He has been booked into jail and is facing felony charges.

In March, detectives identified a second person connected to the case. Investigators allege that 33-year-old Darren Melton was involved in the manufacturing of the devices. A warrant was served at Melton's home and detectives say they found explosive precursor chemicals, fusing, and pipes.

Melton has been booked into jail and both he and Wiggs remain in custody.

No injuries were reported after either incident.

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