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Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce celebrates 50 years

Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce celebrates 50 years of growing Latino businesses
Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce celebrates 50 years of growing Latino businesses 02:17

SACRAMENTO -- The Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce celebrating 50 years strong this Hispanic Heritage Month. 

They have been growing the local economy by growing Latino businesses. 

"The chamber has given us lots of opportunities," said Monica Delgado.  

Delgado showed us her art collection inside their business R&M Framing. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce helped Delgado and her husband purchase the building several years ago. 

Hispanic Heritage Month
R&M Framing says the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has given them lots of opportunities.

They participated in one of several mentorship programs offered by the Hispanic Chamber, receiving a certificate of entrepreneurship.

"Our 'Apprende' program is a 10-week Spanish program. It's business planning," said President Cathy Rodriguez-Aguirre. "They go everything from A to Z, so really learning how to do your P and L - how to market, what to do." 

Rodriguez-Aguirre says they take businesses to the next level.

"Often they had an idea, they had a product, they thought of something and they kind of kept going with it. And then they come to a point where they realize, 'I need a plan' - especially when they get to the point where they want to access capital," she said.

Past Board Chair Melinda Guzman agreed. 

"The important word is investment. It's the Hispanic Chamber that works in conjunction with corporate America and state and local governments to invest important dollars in growing the Latino and Latino business market," Guzman said.

Guzman and her husband each served as president of the Hispanic Chamber over the years.

"They put on cultural events, wine and cheese festivals, they put on receptions. They create network and marketing opportunities. training opportunities," Guzman said.

She says barriers still exist, but the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber is breaking those down.

"Everything that needs to go on with a business, the chamber has got it," said Renee Delgado.

The Delgados are painting a picture of what the chamber can do.

"There was so much more that we had to do. The whole idea of networking, social media, getting loans, learning the basics in how to bookkeep, all the background, it really helped us," said Delgado.

People interested in how the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce can work for them are urged to go to

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