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Harry Styles Tells Sacramento Woman At Concert To Quit Her Job

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A Sacramento woman made a life-changing decision because of what Harry Styles said to her.

They sang, they danced, they screamed his name...and at least one Harry Styles fan made a life-changing decision because of what Harry said to her during last week's concert at G1C.

It's the thing at Harry Styles concerts for fans to hold up signs asking him to tell them to do something they've been wanting to do, like quit their job, which is exactly what Catherine Dugoni did.

It was a jaw-dropping moment for Catherine or should I say job dropping.

"I was in complete disbelief," she said.

Even though the 23-year-old from Sacramento landed a marketing job fresh out of Berkeley, she wasn't happy and needed a push.

"When I wrote the sign I said, if he sees this, if he acknowledges it in any way, then it's a sign that I just need to do it," she said. "You know you've been thinking about it for so long. You just need to take the leap of faith."

It's a leap millions are taking during the great resignation. In September alone, nearly 4.5 million people, or three percent of all workers, quit their jobs. But only one who got a heart throb's advice on such a high stakes decision.

But seriously, Catherine, why ask Harry Styles?

"He honestly cares about his fans. He's very open with them. He's always nice. He's always receptive of them," said Catherine.

At the concert, when asked by Harry what she wants to do, she replied she wants to become a writer. She'll soon be writing a new chapter after getting help from Harry. It reminds us that sometimes life takes us in one direction and we simply want to go in another.

"I'm a little nervous, I'm not gonna lie," she said.

Realizing what makes you beautiful is to live while we're young. Deciding day or night changes could be the new story of her life. After all, switching jobs these days has become a sign of the times.

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