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Sacramento Exceeds Last Year's Total Rainfall In Less Than Three Months

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — If you did a rain dance last year, it looks like it worked. After only three months into the current water year, Sacramento is already expected to surpass last year's total rainfall.

With the water year running from October to September, last year, Downtown Sacramento received 7.87 inches of rain for the entire year.

However, this year, we are already measuring 7.72 inches of rain since the start of this water year in October.

If storm projections are accurate, Sacramento will likely see more rain in these first three months of the 2021/2022 water year than we saw during the entire year of 2020/2021.

The National Weather Service says we can expect to see this happen by Sunday afternoon or Sunday night.

This is great news considering the drought conditions, however, the extra rain may also bring with it some dangerous conditions.

First of all, with the recently increased amounts of rainfall, we can expect to see more landslides or dangerous driving conditions due to the loosened soil on many roads or nearby hills.

This may cause problems for some of the more rural roads as well as any properties near hillsides or creekbeds.

As always, be sure to drive safely and carefully, particularly with the expected intensity of this upcoming storm.

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