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Sacramento Dog Loses Battle With Bathtub Drain, Wins War Against Bathtub Itself

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Bathtime turned to panic time for one scared Sacramento pooch.

Bailey the Chihuahua showed us how he shakes when he gets out of a bath, but pictures show how he shakes when he couldn't get out.

His toes were in a tight squeeze and dreams of a refreshing scrub were down the drain.

Bailey was stuck after his attempted escape from bathtime.

"He jumped up and when he came down..his foot landed in the drain and it got stuck," the dog's owner said.

The doggie drama brought out Metro Fire, but chiseling near the Chihuahua wasn't safe for them or the dog.

"The dog was really stuck and was getting really upset about being stuck," said animal control officer Mechelle Crites.

After an hour of delicate maneuvering, it was time to call in a vet. Dr. Jean Rabinowitz said this was a first for her.

"Pretty soon I found myself on a hot Sunday afternoon with a chihuahua and three firefighters in a bathtub," she said.

She gave Bailey a knockout shot, then held on as crews worked on the tub.

"It was pretty tough," she said. "It took about 20 hammers each time, each time the dog and I were bouncing in the bathtub."

Bailey would outlast his bath and the tub that had to be destroyed to free him. But looking at him now, you wouldn't it happened.

His owner vows only to wash Bailey with the dog being held, not set down in a tub again.

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