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Sacramento Dispensary Ready To Start Selling Marijuana On New Year's Day

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento dispensaries are finally being issued state licenses to sell recreational marijuana ahead of Jan. 1.

A Therapeutic Alternative at 3015 H Street in Sacramento got the word after 6 p.m. on Friday and wasted no time proudly displaying its new state license.

"We were relieved. We've been checking every hour on the hour for the last week " said executive director, Kimberly Cargile.

Preparation for recreational sales has been ongoing for months. The dispensary added new rooms, cameras, entrances, security, and a barcode system to separate and accommodate the new adult-use side of the business.

"The final set of regulations didn't come out until November, so we had a limited amount of time to do a number of upgrades required by state law," Cargile said.

Dispensaries are preparing for product changes as well from childproof packaging to lower dosages in edibles. But it's an extra 15 percent state tax that has many current medical customers concerned.

"You're going to do the best we can to try and cover the cost and not have to pass that on," Cargile said.

Many dispensaries are seeing an increase in traffic now as customers stock up before the changes on Jan. 1.

City and state officials are working overtime on applications. Late Friday, the city had approved 10 dispensary applications, sending them on for state approval. State officials say they will be working through the weekend to issue licenses to as many as possible ahead of Monday.


This is the list of the dispensaries that have city approval and are passed on to the state awaiting state license. Ones with state approval are in bold.

  • A Therapeutic Alternative: 3015 H Street
  • Abatin Wellness: 2100 29th Street
  • All About Wellness: 1900 19th Street
  • Alternative Medical Center: 1220 Blumefeld Drive
  • Alpine Alternative: 8129 Alpine Ave.
  • Northstar Holistic: 1236 C Street
  • Golden Health & Wellness: 1115 Fee Drive
  • River City Phoenix: 1508 El Camino Ave.
  • Sacramento Community Cannabis Collective: 2831 Fruitridge Road.
  • Valley Health Options: 1421 Auburn Blvd.
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