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Sacramento Craft Beer Summit Is Hop Head's Dream This Weekend

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A hop-head's heaven is taking shape in Downtown Sacramento for the California Craft Beer Summit.

More than 150 breweries are serving up everything from Pumpkin Ale to their top of the line IPAs.

Between those who prefer to chug or sip or slurp, there's no shortage of those with discriminating tastes.

"I'm looking for an orgasm in a glass," said John Warren with Lost Coast Brewery.

From lagers to pale ales to stouts and IPAs, the summit raises a glass to brewers small, independent and traditional.

For many, the event is a chance to get ahead in the state's $6.5 billion industry.

"Our Mosaic Pale Ale is just huge mosaic hops, smells so wonderful, tastes really great. And then our milk stout has really taken over 30 so those are our two most popular beer," said Sage Smith with Bike Dog Brewing Company.

There's also tap talk corners where brewers can swap notes on ingredients, technique and equipment in a market that saw an 18 percent jump in sales last year.

One of the people driving that engine is the head brewer at the Lost Coast Brewery, Kerry Embertson.

"It's a chance for me to taste what's on the market and enjoy it and after the fact I mail email them and ask for some tips," she said.

Saturday's showcase festival kicks off on the Capitol Mall at 4 p.m., with plenty of tents, shade and water. Tickets are $60.

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