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Sacramento County Mom Accused Of Dealing Drugs Out Of Bra With Child Nearby

SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — A Sacramento County mom is accused of selling drugs from her bra with her child nearby.

Shelly Gorman is accused of selling drugs at her apartment complex in North Sacramento after investigators received a tip from Child Protective Services.

Annette Fatheree is her former mother-in-law who says she didn't call CPS or deputies.

"I was accused of calling CPS but I never did," she said. "I wouldn't have done that to my granddaughter."

She describes Gorman as a good person who has her own problems.

It's unknown who called CPS, or why they did, but social workers visited Gorman's apartment to check on the welfare of her daughter. They notified deputies when they had suspicions she was allegedly selling drugs and had a gun in the house.

"The mother has a history of trying to sell drugs on her person," said Sacramento County Sheriff's Sgt. Lisa Bowman.

While conducting a probation search, investigators say they didn't find a gun, but they did find some interesting items in her bra:

  • A bag of marijuana
  • A bag of meth
  • Money
  • A drug pipe
  • A digital scale to weigh drugs

"I know she was using. I didn't know she was selling," Fatheree said.

Gorman's child was taken into protective custody, while she was hauled off to jail.

Investigators say they weren't surprised.

"It's an avenue of concealment," Bowman said. "We do see things hidden inside of interior clothing and undergarments all the time."

Gorman faces felony drug possession and child endangerment charges.

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