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Sacramento Taxpayers Paying For White Noise To Stop Eavesdroppers

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A $15,000 white noise machine is the latest in a string of questionable purchases by Sacramento County's CEO.

Backlash on the big purchases is now coming from the board of supervisor.

When Phil Serna won a spot on the Sacramento board of supervisors, he spent his own money to furnish his office.

"Because I think it's important to walk the talk," said Serna.

Now Supervisor Serna is among those questioning the New Sacramento County CEO Brad Hudson. Hudson billed Sacramento County taxpayers for his new office expenditures including a white noise machine Hudson claims will keep eavesdroppers from hearing confidential meetings.

"Does the county need a white noise machine? That's a great question. This is a subject that I'm still learning about," said Phil Serna.

In addition to that $15,000 white noise machine, Hudson has also billed taxpayers for his $21,000 in new office furniture and a $78 shoe shine machine.

"I cannot see the County of Sacramento that has shed 3,000 jobs in the last several years, to pay for my office decorations," said Serna.

Serna asked Hudson to itemize the purchases and pay for the extravagant ones.

"His response to me was that he didn't want to do that," said Serna.

Hudson said 'no,' but then last week agreed to a voluntary pay cut from county-high $257,000 to $245,000 -- a reduction of about $11,000 dollars or 4.6 percent. It's the same voluntary percentage cut every supervisor took this year.

It won't make up for the price of those questionable purchases.

The furniture, a shoeshine machine, and then the white noise, does this put Don Hudson's job in jeopardy?

"No, and it shouldn't," said Serna.

Serna isn't calling for Hudson's job, but the new CEO is suddenly on a short leash with every purchase now under scrutiny.

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