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Sacramento County Deputy Tweets Photo Of Apology Note Left By Car Thief

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - You think a criminal should know leaving evidence behind at the scene of a crime is a sure-fire way to get caught.  But in the case of a stolen car that was recently recovered by police, it was also a way to ask for forgiveness.

The thief left a note behind for the owner of the vehicle that read "I'm sorry for stealing your car." Now the actions of the Sacramento County Sheriff's deputy who recovered the car, found the note and posted a photo of it on Twitter are being investigated by his superiors.

Deputy Gabe Maggini posted the photo on June 15 along with a tweet that read "My faith in humanity was restored today! I found this in a stolen vehicle I recovered today."


Sheriff's Sgt. Lisa Bowman said in a statement to CBS13 the note has "evidentiary value" and that Maggini's posting of the photo may have violated the department's social media policy. She declined further comment.

What do you think about the note?

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