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Trump Tariffs Could Affect Vision For Sacramento Convention Center

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — After years of planning, the city of Sacramento is nearly ready to release design plans for the new Sacramento Convention Center.

New estimates project the new center will bring more than 2,000 jobs to the area. And in just under two weeks, the public will finally see what designers have in store.

"It's going be something the community is proud of but more importantly, this is a job creator!" said Vice Mayor Steve Hansen. "It puts us at the forefront of cities in our region."

Desmond Parrington, Convention Center project manager, calls it a complete transformation.

"What you're going to see is an amazing bookend to the other side of K Street," he told CBS13.

The center will feature more windows, more light, a cafe, an activities plaza and state-of-the-art facilities.

The estimated cost for the theater and convention center has gone up recently because of Trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum. The new estimated cost is somewhere between $220 and $240 million. Both would create 2,800 new jobs. And the estimated revenue from convention attendees: roughly $500 million.

The west side of the building, near J and 13th streets, hasn't been upgraded since the 1970s. The east side was renovated in 1996, so everything west of 14th street will be completely torn down and remodeled.

"We're falling behind in terms of competitiveness with surrounding cities," Parrington said.

Construction could start as soon as December. But what does that mean for drivers? Parrington says construction won't have a big impact on J Street, but 13th Street will likely be affected.

"I hope the public understands that this is part of the transformation of downtown," he told CBS13.

On June 19, the city council will review the finances and the public will finally see long-awaited design plans.

"It's a big win," Hansen said.

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