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Sacramento City Leaders Say It Will Take Until End Of February To Clear Storm Debris

SACRAMENTO (CB13) — Clean up continues one week after the strongest storm of the season hit Sacramento.

City officials are getting thousands of calls about debris removal but said they won't be able to clear it all until the end of the month. The city said people can speed up the removal process by putting debris into their green waste bins.

In a press release, Sacramento Public Works said the damage was so widespread, they've had to call in back up for clean up service.

"It was worse than this, but I cut it all up and made a nice neat pile," said Chris Gonzalez, referring to a pile of tree limbs in front of his house.

Gonzalez lives in the Pocket area. He said he will have to wait a while longer to get his damage pile removed.

"I called 311 and they made me schedule garbage pick up. So that's what's going to happen. They scheduled me two weeks from now actually," Gonzalez said.

Some people are turning to junk removal businesses to speed up the process. Willy DuBois with Willy's Hauling and Junk removal says business has nearly tripled due to the storm. He had to suspend his ad on Yelp.

"I had to pause the ad because I was getting so many calls. It was like out of control because I could not accept all the calls," DuBois said.

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Sacramento city leaders said they expect to have the debris cleared by late February and that crews have been hard at work clearing what they can. For those seeking outside help, expect delays.

"Be patient. We'll be there. We're going to come to your rescue that's all I can say to them," DuBois said.

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