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Sacramento City Removes Trash Piling Up In Park After Senior Citizen Calls CBS13

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A stinky mess that was piling up in a Sacramento neighborhood is a thing of the past, thanks to the persistence of a senior.

Eula Jones says she tried for months to get the garbage cleaned up near her home. With no luck, she finally turned to CBS13 for help.

We called the city of Sacramento's code enforcement department to find out why the trash hadn't been removed.

The area was just covered in trash, but no more. And now, Jones and her neighbors are so happy it's gone.

"Thank you," said Jones.

Jones has lived at her current north Sacramento home for nearly 40 years. And recently, homeless people at a nearby park had been making a mess along the fence by her house.

She says she never thought the city would still help her.

"Because I've called so many times for so many years," she said. "It's been down there a long time."

We met with Sacramento's code compliance division along Colfax Street where the trash had piled up so they could see the trash themselves.

"What a mess and a stench," said Jones. "They even found a big dog was down there when they were cleaning out. Someone had killed and put out there."

On Friday, a crew came out and cleaned up all of the trash.

"It looks like it was a pretty good hiding spot for everybody," said Ron Gray, with the cleanup crew.

Neighbors say it's about time.

"It's wonderful, you know. It's not every day that we get an answer to our problems," said Pat Banks, one of Jones' neighbors.

Banks credits Jones for her persistence and determination to get the job done. And Jones is just glad someone finally took her call seriously.

"Thank you, thank you. And all the neighbors that stopped by feel the same way," said Jones.

A City of Sacramento spokesperson says if you see trash on public property, call 311 and make note of the date and time you called.

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