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Sacramento Activist's Skull Fractured After They Were Hit In Face With Police Rubber Bullets

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A member of the Sacramento LGBTQ community is preparing for surgery after allegedly being shot in the face several times with less-lethal rubber bullets during a George Floyd protest.

Tee Fansofa now has a fractured skull and is recovering at UC Davis Medical Center.

"I was hit in the face three times, with a tear gas canister and two rubber bullets," Fansofa said in a YouTube video posted to a GoFundMe page.

"I mean, I am very lucky to be alive," Fansofa said.

Fansofa, a member of the LGBTQ community who identifies as they/them, says the injuries came from rubber bullets fired from Sacramento police at J and 21st, during a standoff Saturday night.

Lynz Williams was also there and recorded some of the shooting. Williams' voice can be heard shouting at the officers as she records on her cell phone.

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"What are your shooting for, what are you shooting!"

"You're shooting at peaceful protesters, not even looters!"

Williams is a friend of Fansofa's and was nearby when Fansofa was hit and went down.

"At that point, I saw about three or four people and grab Tee and just drag a limp body out of eyeshot," Williams said.

Williams described the Sacramento police officers firing on peaceful protesters and observers.

"You had people who were being innocent bystanders, and wanting to be witness to what was taking place here, standing on the sidewalk thinking that they were safe and then police started aiming at the people on the sidewalk," Williams said.

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A Sacramento police spokesperson had no record of Fansofa being hit and said any use of force would be reviewed per department policy.

Attorney Mark Merin with the National Lawyers Guild said he expects a number of civil lawsuits filed against the city and county over the handling of Sacramento protests.

"They seem to be targeting the heads of protesters," Marin said.

The National Lawyer Guild also had an observer out at the same intersection in Sacramento Saturday night who was also hit in the face and is recovering.

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