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Big Tip A Welcome Surprise For Roseville Server

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — It was a blessing in disguise for a Roseville server who was surprised with a big tip.

David Fabila was serving tables at the House of Oliver wine bar when one of his guests surprised him with a nearly $200 tip.

It was a jam-packed Friday night for Fabila.

"I was telling my coworkers that tonight is not my night I'm not having a good night, I just came from my other job, I'm exhausted," he said.

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Fabila, who was working the patio by himself, had just come in from his first job. He had no idea the guests at one of his tables would turn his night around.

"I pulled the check out to close it and when I pulled it out that's when I saw everything, their bill was very expensive it was like $190-something, that's exactly the tip they left me," Fabila said.

On the receipt was a note, reading: "We're young, but we're worth serving."

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A kind gesture that came when Fabila needed it the most. He has a fourth child on the way.

"Unless you work in the service industry, you don't really understand how much tips mean to a server, to a bartender," Fabila added.

"I've been in his shoes before too, I used I work as a waiter in a diner in Texas, so I decided to show him what he did is appreciated," said Steffen Berr.

He's the man behind that generous tip and a college student at Sacramento State. He says he saw how hard Fabila was working, and wanted to make sure he got rewarded.

"I'm in a position where I have the resources and luck to do this so why not just go for it, I'm really glad I did it he really needed that money more than I did," Berr said.

It was a blessing in disguise that has Fabila eternally grateful to this kind-hearted stranger.

"I'll never forget this."

Berr says he didn't even know about a "tip the bill" challenge going around and says he's just glad he could help Fabila out. The challenge calls for people to leave 100 percent tips for their servers.

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