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Roseville Restroom Peeper: Woman Says Man Tried to Record Her In Bathroom

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — An unsettling situation in a Roseville restroom after a woman says a man tried to record her from under the stall.

Video from Jessica Quiroga shows a man darting out of a Roseville Big Lots off of Pleasant Grove Boulevard after she said she caught him in the act.

"He was recording me in the bathroom!" Quiroga is heard yelling in the video.

She said she chased the man out of the store after he attempted to film her in the women's restroom. Quiroga said she was already feeling weird after seeing men's shoes in the stall, and then she noticed him put his phone was on its side, propped up on his shoe.

"It was just a completely vulnerable moment," Quiroga said.

Immediately leaving the restroom, she waited for the man to come out the bathroom doors. When he finally did, she said she approached him and started to speak loudly so others nearby could be aware.

"I said what are you doing in the women's restroom? He said it was a mistake. I said no it wasn't … you were recording me," Quiroga said of the encounter.

Her brief conversation drew community attention. Another video shared by Quiroga shows several people following the man out of the store, and trying to get him to stop. Though, to no avail.

roseville pd
Credit: Roseville Police Department

Roseville Police released a photo from surveillance cameras, and call the act 'concerning.'

"That is just a brazen act of someone going that far to attempt to film someone else," said Rob Baquera, a Roseville Police spokesperson.

"Nobody has the right to violate your privacy in that way," Quiroga said.

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Her goal in sharing her story is to make others aware and hoping this scary situation won't happen to another woman again.

"It could have been my daughter, your daughter, somebody's daughter – mother, grandmother," she said.

Roseville Police say in incidents like these it's important to be a good witness and be vocal so others nearby can hear what happened - just as Quiroga did.

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