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'We're Sick Of The Number 22': Local Veterans Launch Nonprofit In Roseville To Help Other Veterans In Need

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Just in time for the Fourth of July, some local veterans are launching a new nonprofit to help others who served their country.

Marine Corps veteran Brandon Murphy doesn't want one more veteran to suffer after they've served.

"We're sick of the number 22. We're sick of hearing that's the number of veterans committing suicide every day. We're sick of our brothers and sisters coming back in pieces. I mean, it's daunting," he said.

That's why he's taking his new business even further. Murphy just started up an insurance agency in Roseville with two friends, including one who's also a veteran. A portion of their profits will help launch The Pacific Patriot Foundation, which is a nonprofit that helps veterans in need.

"So we're going to have a whole team dedicated to doing outreach to those people, calling out, seeing exactly the resources they need and delivering those," Murphy said.

According to the National Coalition For Homeless Veterans, 13% of the U.S. homeless population are veterans.  Roughly 40,000 veterans are on the streets on any given night, which is actually a considerable improvement over the last decade.

The business means a lot to Murphy.

"My wife and I, we're very Christ-centered, we're very faith-focused," he said. "And I would say when we had this original company coming together, putting 10% of our personal income back to his kingdom really meant a lot to us."

And their work will stretch outside the United States. Murphy's wife also does mission work in Haiti, maintaining and growing Haitian orphanages. So while the focus of The Pacific Patriot Foundation will be on veterans, it will have benefits beyond the border.

"Whether it's at home or abroad, we have this calling to serve and we're going to make sure we do that," Murphy said.

The ownership group launches their insurance company this week called Brightway, The Pacific Patriot Agency.

It is perfect timing for the most patriotic week of the year as a chunk of their profit will now go straight to military veterans in the Greater Sacramento area and to mission work in Haiti.

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