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Roseville Elementary School Parents Warned About Pass-Out Game

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Parents at a Roseville school were warned about a dangerous game students are playing that sent one student to the hospital.

The urgent message from the principal at George Sargeant Elementary School came after paramedics were called when a student passed out in class.

The principal says that student was playing something called the pass-out game. It's where students see how long they can hold their breath.

In this case, it went too far.

"Several students then told me some of the fourth- and fifth-graders had been playing the pass-out game for the last several months," the message said.

The pass-out game isn't new, but parents picking up their kids were surprised and worried it was happening at the elementary school.

The principal wouldn't go on camera, but told us on the phone that teachers in staff weren't aware this was happening here. She called the student passing out an isolated incident, and the first in her 11 years at the school.

The superintendent of the Roseville City School District also refused an on-camera interview. He told CBS13 over the phone.

Grandmother Maureen Tapia volunteers at the school and walked into the classroom. Just as the student was being treated.

"The paramedics were already there, and they did a great job and the parents were contacted and the principal pulled the fourth- and fifth-graders into the library," she said.

In her message, the principal says she warned students about the dangers of the game and the pitfalls of peer pressure.

Grandparents and parents alike say they're also talking to their kids, hopeful that the pass-out game is over.

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