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Dog Found Abandoned In Storage Bin

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A heartbreaking discovery in Roseville, as a dog abandoned and stuffed inside a storage bin is rescued.

The pit bull mix was left in the parking lot at the Atlantic Street Pet Emergency Center, but despite what he's been through the Placer SPCA says he's in great spirits and ready for a new home.

"It is pretty unusual and pretty hard to take," said Kate McGinley with the Placer SPCA, "The conditions were horrific that he was in."

The 2-year-old dog now named "Rory" was cramped inside a small container and covered in feces and urine. McGinley says it appears it was trapped for many hours, possibly even for more than a day.

"His feet were yellow from the urine. He clearly had been sitting in there for quite some time."

McGinley says there were air holes poked into the storage container, and there was an empty food and water bowl inside.

"He doesn't seem like a dog that was abused. Neglected, yes."

After a nice long bath, vets also gave him a clean bill of health, but his spirit is what really shines.

"He was in that tub less than a week ago and here he is today going up to everyone he meets with a tail wagging. Just a sweet, sweet dog."

Rory is now at the Placer SPCA awaiting adoption.

"He's such a nice dog, he should find a nice home."

While who abandoned him or why may never be known, SPCA officials say there's always a better way.

"They could have just walked inside that vet clinic and made sure he was safe."

A dog dumped by its owner and contained in a storage bin is now ready to soon join a new family.

"Hopefully the rest of his life will be nothing but happiness," said McGinley.

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