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Roseville Cuddling Business In High Demand As Holiday Season Approaches

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A Roseville business owner says her cuddles are in high demand, and she's expecting a rise in customers during the holiday season.

Nine months after opening, the Cuddle Connection is now in a different location and the client list is in the hundreds.

Kelly Peterson is proving the human touch is powerful, even if it comes from a stranger.

"It's been an amazing journey," she said.

Peterson is a professional cuddler, and since her business opened in Roseville in March, there has been no shortage of clients looking for a cuddle.

"It continues to grow the phone is ringing with new client requests everyday," she said.

She says many of her clients keep coming back for a warm embrace, and even travel from far away.

Howard Sesser from Napa lost his wife a few years ago, and didn't want to live much longer himself. He was in bad need of a hug.

"I was in a bad place a really bad place," he said. "To be held and comforted, and that's what I found and it just really really changed my life."

Peterson says some clients just want to hold hands or talk.

"What I didn't prepare for was all the emotions," she said.

Which leaves her sometimes needing a hug, too.

Peterson still gets questioned if they offer more than just hugs, and some just think this is plain weird. But she says, for the lonely, depressed, or someone who wants to talk, the Cuddle Connection is more than just a hug from a stranger.

Peterson says her hugs are in such high demand that she's considering expanding her business beyond its Roseville location on Vernon Street to Southern California and even Atlanta.

An hour cuddle session costs about $60.

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