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UPDATED: Roseville Police Officers Claim City has been Hiding Money

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) - After months of negotiations, the police officers union did their own audit of Roseville and say they have found millions of dollars that the city never told them about.

Roseville Police officers say they feel betrayed.

"It hurts; it hurts a lot," said Roseville Police Officers Association President Jerry Wernli.

The union claims they had no choice but to accept a deal that calls to put an additional $450 to $850 a month for their pensions after comments from the Mayor on May 30.

"We saw that we had a structural deficit," said Roseville Mayor Susan Rohan.

But Wernli says their audit of the books reveals the city has $12 million in reserves and millions more in other accounts that could reduce the burden of putting 9 percent of their salary away for pensions.

"I couldn't believe that they had this much money and they kept saying that 'we don't,' " said Wernli.

In a statement the city of Roseville wrote: "A key part of the city council's long term strategy to close the budget gap is to have all employees contribute toward their pension costs."

According to the city, all public employees are being asked to contribute 8 percent. Officers' contributions are a bit higher as are their enhancements, which give officers even more money once they retire.

Sacramento State Dean of Business Sanjay Varshney says while the payments are a bit of a jump each month, they are necessary for the city's long term fiscal health.

"I think it's only fair that the employees be required to share in the risks and also share in the contribution that required; because if you don't, the whole program is not sustainable," said Varshney.

Roseville officers say they are not against paying into their pensions, but feel they were lied to and want help in paying into that 9 percent.

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