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Folsom Sexual Assault Allegedly Linked To Man Who Falsely Claimed To Be Victim Of Racially-Motivated Attack

FOLSOM (CBS13) — Police say a man who falsely claimed to be the victim of a racially-motivated attack is accused of sexually assaulting a woman hours before filing the false report.

In the early hours of Jan. 9, Romey Kang called 911 and reported being a victim of a violent assault and robbery in the area of Scott Street and Canal Street. He later claimed he had been a victim of a racially-motivated assault by several men.

While investigating the claims, Folsom police determined his claims were baseless and found video evidence that Kang, 25, injured himself in a self-induced fall.

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A witness contacted detectives during their initial investigation and said they saw Kang sexually assault a woman on a business's outdoor patio on Sutter Street around 7:30 p.m., hours before he called 911. The victim was known to Kang, police said.

Detectives say they spoke to the victim, who was unconscious during the assault, as well as several other witnesses, gathering enough evidence to issue an arrest warrant for Kang.

An employee at a local restaurant that Kang visited that night said he witnessed what happened.

"He was pretty wasted, he was drunk before he got here. It was pretty bad, he was pretty blacked out," explained Joey Kircatr. "The last thing I said to him was, 'Your next date is going to be with the cops.'"

Kircatr said many people at the restaurant became uncomfortable with Kang after he allegedly started to sexually assault his date at the restaurant.

"This girl was literally unconscious in her chair and he was taking pictures down her shirt," Kircatr said.

He said customers tried to separate the two and get the woman to a safe place.

"They were all disgusted. We got her phone and charged it for her because it was dead, so we got ahold of her family who came and got her and we made him leave," he said.

A bartender at the restaurant claims Kang was drunk and aggressive during the hour he was there. Employees eventually threw his drinks away and cut him off from service.

"As he came up to get more and more drinks, he became more hostile and foul," the bartender explained. "He started to be flirty with me and try to get my phone number and wouldn't take no for an answer. I saw this kind of behavior with all the girls he was interacting with at the restaurant."

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On Wednesday, Kang met with Folsom police detectives and was issued a citation for sexual battery and released, police said. Detectives say because of his facial injuries, Kang could not be held in jail.

Officials say there is not enough evidence at this time to charge Kang with filing a false police report.

Police believe there may have been additional witnesses to the alleged sexual assault. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Mendenhall at

Kang raised $20,408 after he posted his alleged assault story on GoFundMe. In a statement, GoFundMe said it is investigating the fundraiser and the company takes all complaints seriously. A spokesperson said donors can request a refund.

Kang declined to comment on a previous article published by CBS13 but said he had hired a lawyer.

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