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Rocklin Teen Accused Of Drugging Her Parents To Access Internet

ROCKLIN (CBS13) - A Rocklin teen who was upset that her parents wouldn't let her access the Internet after 10 p.m. drugged their milkshakes with sleeping medicine, according to police.

The teen secretly put a friend's prescription sleep medicine in her parents' milkshakes on Dec. 28, Rocklin police Lt. Lon Milka said in press release Wednesday.

The parents found it a bit odd when their daughter offered to buy milkshakes. Dad wanted chocolate. Mom asked for vanilla. They noticed their milkshakes tasted odd and only consumed about a quarter of them, but it was enough to put them to sleep, Milka said.

"They had a crunchy texture, bad taste in their mouth," Milka said. "Subsequently, they fell asleep."

They didn't awake until the next morning and didn't remember exactly what happened but suspected something was up and took a drug test, police said.

By drugging her parents, the teen and her friend were free to use the home Internet while they were passed out asleep, police said.

However, the girl's mother says this isn't the first time the teen drugged them. It was the second time she felt that way. So she started checking into her daughter's internet and phone use. When she confronted her daughter, she says, the teen admitted to the drugging, claiming she was too strict.

"Drugging your parents so you can use the internet, never heard of that," neighbor Earl Carson said. "That's crazy."

The parents became the teen's legal guardians after she was their foster child. Now, the Rocklin teen and her friend from Roseville were both arrested on Monday and charged with conspiracy and willfully mingling a pharmaceutical into food.

They were booked into Placer County Juvenile Hall. Their names weren't released because of their ages, 16 and 15.

The teen's mother says she is doing this to send a signal not just to her daughter, but to other kids alike that this is not acceptable.

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