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Rocklin Man Battling Cancer Completes Light Display

ROCKLIN (CBS13) — A Rocklin family is prepping for one of the biggest days of the year. It's a family tradition that doesn't revolve around the Thanksgiving table, and this year it has a special meaning.

Wednesday night was a dress rehearsal for a tradition 26 years in the making. The Lind family light show in Rocklin officially powers up Thanksgiving night on Concord Avenue.

Ron Lind and his son are setting the stage, checking every last plug and putting the painstaking finishing touches on.

"It looks like the wind didn't blow them all off today which is good news," Lind said as he checked more lights.

It's all part of their annual holiday light show.

"It takes a day and a half to get two trees done. That's over 3,000 light bulbs there," he said.

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This year Ron wasn't sure the display would even happen because he is battling colon cancer for the second time in four years.

"I don't like a dark house for Christmas. But I had already emotionally accepted that this year," Lind said through tears.

This year his three children stepped up to make it happen.

"We're pretty strong guys and we can make it through quite a bit," said his son David.

His son David knows the drill after 25 years.

"I probably started with holding a light bulb for him and then eventually wound up on top hanging the stuff myself," said David.

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Ron found the strength to help after completing his fourth round of chemo. "I'm proud of my three kids," he said.

He knows how much joy it brings others and he knows how much joy it brings him.

"They all look forward to it. These neighbors, they come by and cheer me on," he said. "It's good satisfaction when you're done you plug it in and say wow it looks cool."

Because during this dark time, the light display symbolizes so much more.

"Outside it's all about the Lord and so when people drive by, that's what they see. And that's the truth of the day," Ron said.

Ron said his elaborate display doesn't affect his energy bill since they installed solar and started using LED lights.

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