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Motion To Limit Holiday Decorations In Rocklin HOA Fails

12/10 UPDATE: The Witney Ranch homeowner's association did not pass the motion to limit holiday decorations.

Read the previous story below:

ROCKLIN (CBS13) — Could the Christmas season be getting a little shorter in one Rocklin community?

The Whitney Ranch homeowners' association is considering limiting holiday decorations to just two weeks before the big holiday and one week after. Under the proposed language, no homes could be decorated before December 11th for the Christmas holiday.

The proposed rules read: "Installation of the holiday decorations is limited to 14 days prior to the date of the holiday and should be removed within 7 days of the holiday."

Another proposed rule would require decorations with blowers or music attached to them, be shut off by 10 p.m.

Young believers of the holiday spirit are having a hard time understanding why.

"I would say that's ridiculous," 10-year-old Charlotte Paterson said.

"It's so weird," 6-year-old L.J. Harris said.

"People are decorating their houses because they just want to do something fun for Christmas," 7-year-old Hannah Paterson said.

It's left holiday-loving homeowners wrapping their minds around why this proposal was even put in writing.

"I don't see how they can enforce that," Colin Paterson said. "Are they going to have some people come around and take away everyone's decorations or fine the entire street?"

"Isn't there something better that they could be spending their time on?" Catherine Harris said.

In the spirit of Santa, and in the spirit of giving, the children of Whitney Ranch are pleading, don't make them wait to celebrate.

"It's my favorite time of the year," L.J. Harris said.

The Whitney Ranch homeowner's association didn't immediate get back to CBS13 for this story. A vote is set for December 10. If passed, the new decoration rules would go into effect in 2021.

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