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Roadmap To Reopening: State Superintendent Releases Guidelines For Districts To Return To Campus

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A how-to guide released Monday shows schools how to safely reopen this fall in the age of face masks and physical distancing.

The State Superintendent of Education Tony Thurmond says this will serve as a roadmap for school districts as they prepare to return to campus.

New guidelines include physical distancing, staggered schedules, and taking your kid's temperature every-time they walk onto campus.

Carly Engline from Lincoln has been busy with her three young girls and has taken her oldest daughter through months of distance learning.

"It's unfair to the children. Our kids deserve better," Engline said. "This is going to affect them long term."

She read the guidelines released by Superintendent Tony Thurmond and worries about a lack of structure when her daughter returns to campus.

"I know my child thrives in an environment of consistency and stability. Doing the same thing every day works for her," she said.

Courtney Campbell, also from Lincoln, told CBS13 she eventually gave up on teaching distance learning to her first grader.

"I don't even know how to make sense of all of this, and make sense of it right now," she said.

The guidance will ultimately be up to each district, leader of what school will look like in the Fall.

"School reopening is a matter that is decided locally with 1,000 school districts in our state," said Thurmond.

CBS13 asked Thurmond how the state would address the education gap from months of distance learning once students are allowed to return to campus in the fall.

"As it relates to learning gaps, we have, even before the pandemic, focused heavily on how we addressed achievement gaps. The pandemic has exacerbated those gaps," said Thurmond.

Staff will be required to wear face coverings at all times. Personal Protective Equipment will be sent to schools as early as this Friday. At school, students will stay in the same space, like their desks, throughout the day.

Teachers will limit movement between groups of students, and desks will need to be spaced out six feet.  Students are encouraged to wear masks, but it's not required in the classroom by the state.

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