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Rising Violent Crime Worries Stockton Parents Halloween Night

STOCKTON (CBS13) - In Stockton, where a rapidly rising crime rate has been making headlines, some parents were worried for their kids' safety after dark Wednesday night.

The city's skyrocketing crime was a real scare for some moms and dads this Halloween.

Halloween is a time for kids, but in Stockton, some parents are changing how their children enjoy the holiday.

At First Baptist Church, they had their annual costume carnival, a safe place to bring kids as an option to the typical trick or treat Halloween. From the princesses to Spiderman, kids wouldn't know it, but their strolls for the perfect treat have changed.

"We started at 4:30 p.m. today," said Felicia Ramirez. "We are scared for the kids and for us parents."

Ramirez took her daughter and nephews out trick-or-treating with the goal of being home before dark.

"We're afraid of everything going on, all the shootings, everything, all the deaths," said Ramirez.

Parents are not afraid of the ghosts or goblins, but of the people they don't know walking the same streets as them.

"We're not answering our doors tonight because everybody is getting murdered and shot," said Peggy Segarini.

Segarini took her grandson, Chris, to Miracle Mile and only let him knock on a couple doors before heading home to ignore the doorbell.

"We live in a good neighborhood and our good neighborhood is the one that's getting robbed, so we're not opening the door," said Segarini.

Churches also realize the concern. At First Baptist Church in Stockton, a night at the costume carnival gave parents an alternative.

"We want to give people a fun, safe place to be with their family," said Pastor Mark Washburn.

That's why Elaina Kurey brought 4-year-old Alyssa.

"Stockton is unpredictable," said Kurey. "There's a lot of bad stuff that goes on here. It's sad, but true."

So on a night where spooky and scary have a whole new meaning, people are still in the spirit of celebrating.

Police had about 30 more officers than usual on patrol in hopes that people who didn't feel safe could know there were extra officers out.

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