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Rioters Caught On Camera Vandalizing, Breaking Windows At Vacaville Police Department

VACAVILLE (CBS13) — New video shows a violent group bashing windows and vandalizing the Vacaville Police Department.

Officers said city buildings have been the site of protests for months now, but this group took a sinister turn. Police Chief John Carli calls this an attack that was personal.

He said the group came in broad daylight, with riot gear and vitriol.

"The division and the hatred we're all feeling, we're all tired of it and law enforcement is tired of it as well," Chief Carli said.

Chief Carli said for 26 weeks straight, officers have been the focus of social justice protests. This time, it became a riot.

"We have chosen overtime to allow space for those individuals to be heard but last night was different. Immediate intent was to vandalize and destroy property," he said.

Chief Carli said not only did they target government buildings, but drivers reported having their windows busted by this group as they ran away. Images of the aftermath have neighbors infuriated.

"Come on man, those are opportunists, they don't really mean anything. You're not making a statement, you're not doing anything," said Donald Schmitt, a Vacaville resident.

Tall fencing now surrounds the Vacaville Police Department. Government leaders said they want to know how this happened.

City Council Member Roy Stockton said on Facebook, "we will not let the actions of those involved in vandalizing city hall overshadow the work our community is doing to build unity."

Police said no arrests were made on the spot because the safety of people inside the buildings was the priority.

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"The worst plan is to begin to divide what you were trying to do in the moment," Chief Carli said.

Chief Carli said the impact is more than a night of violence.

"It begins to really destroy the morale of law enforcement that go about their job each and every day to protect the community," he said.

In the surveillance video, you can see at least one person holding a Black Lives Matter sign. Other signs showed anti-cop messages.

Police are unsure who this group is. They said they don't know if they're local or came from out of town.

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