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Reward Doubles For Information On Baby Dwight

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - The reward has now doubled but despite dozens of tips, bounty hunter Leonard Padilla says he hasn't found anyone who has seen baby Dwight in almost a year.

Today a grim scene played out in South Sacramento as investigators conducted their first ground search for the missing toddler.

Two search dogs, under the guidance of Sacramento Sheriff's investigators searched tha vacant field off East Southgate Drive.

"We don't have any specific info [sic] about the area, but this is close to the area where the child was last seen," said Det. Robert Tracy, Sacramento Sheriff's Department.

Homicide detectives took control of the case Friday; nearly a year after 22-month-old Dwight Stallings was last seen.

They stress, the toddler could still be alive, but because Dwight's mother Tanisha Edwards won't tell them where he is, investigators are considering all possibilities.

"If the baby was alive somebody would have come up with the baby," said Padilla.

Padilla believes the worst, despite a $3000 reward he's offered and dozens of calls from the public.

"They all say the same thing. Haven't seen the baby in a year, haven't seen the baby in 10 months," said Padilla.

Padilla says the case mirrors that of Casey Anthony, the Florida mom acquitted on charges of killing her daughter. Padilla bailed her out of jail in exchange for information on her daughter's whereabouts.

"We're dealing with the exact same situation as in Florida, same thing, child's dead. She knows. What do we do?" said Padilla.

"We need to have transparency in our government, including our court system," said Lanette Davies.

Davies, a medicinal marijuana advocate and the latest critic of CPS's handling of baby Dwight's case, is donating $3000, doubling Padilla's reward, for any information leading to answers about Dwight.

"Where is this child? And even if it's the best scenario, it's being raised by a loving family. People need to know. We cannot forget baby Dwight," said Davies.

Investigators searched multiple sites in South Sacramento today, but turned up nothing.

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