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Restaurants Ready For State Reopening, Hoping Customers Are Eager To Dine-In

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - California is coming back! It's the final hours before the state reopens, but will tomorrow ​really look ​any different?

"I think that there's going to be a lot of people back," said Quang Nguyen, a server at Bonchon.

He says these past few weeks have been about hiring more staff.

Although the inside of the restaurant on the eve of the state reopening looked sparse, he's expecting business to look different come Tuesday.

Newly hired employee Duyen Huynh feels the same.

"It's going to be like really busy...that's what I'm expecting," she said.

With limited staffing, she's anticipating working extra hard.

"Sometimes at night I still have to stay late so now with things going back to normal, yeah, I think we have to stay a bit longer," she said.

Customers like Adriana Luevano sat at one of the very few tables being served inside.

She doesn't expect an open the flood gates type of scenario for restaurants but ​thinks more people will venture out.

"It'll look different, right now people are still cautious," Luevano said.

So what will actually look different? If you ask Kyle Atkinson, it's seeing faces.

"Like that's been the weirdest part right, you go into a store you don't see people's faces," Atkinson said.

Though Bonchon, like many restaurants, isn't staffed up. They are taking whatever comes their way during reopening in full stride.

"We will be open, full house tables tomorrow," Nguyen said.

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