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Rescue Dog Adopts Two Kittens In Need Of Care

EL DORADO HILLS (CBS13) - You may remember The Grace Foundation rescued tiny little Beyonce the Chihuahua, now they have a new rescue dog, Harmony, that is giving a whole new meaning to maternal instinct.

At the Stray-Z-Days adoption day in Folsom, it's a sight many stopped to see.

It's Harmony with her two young puppies, and two kittens?

You heard right, the 10-month-old Chihuahua is the mom to kittens.

"I had no idea they would nurse a kitten, that's unbelievable," said one woman.

The Grace Foundation rescued Harmony and her puppies from being put down, a day later they found these newborn kittens at another shelter.

"You can't let the kitties get put down, so she took the kitties in," said Larissa Porter, Grace Foundation.

She's not sure even how to take care of them.

"They were crying, hungry, Harmony really started to panic so I put them with her puppies and she took them right away," said Grace Foundation Founder Beth DeCaprio.

Maternal instinct instantly kicked in and an indescribable bond was formed.

"She's actually really happy she has those babies," said DeCaprio.

Larissa Porter says the kittens don't know any different. They meow and call for Harmony, and she checks to make sure they're okay.

"All the mom knows is those are babies that need to be taken care of," said Porter.

Harmony, the puppies, and the kittens will all be up for adoption in a few weeks, and they don't have to go to the same home.

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