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Report: Levi's Stadium Lights Causing Problems For Pilots

According to a report by NBC Bay Area, the lights at Levi's Stadium are causing problem for pilots flying above.

Flight path of runway 30-L at San Jose Mineta International Airport runs over the football stadium and, at least, six pilots have reported issues flying over the area. These complaints has cause several safety reports to be flied.

Pilot Christina Kurowicki had an frighting story about flying over the stadium.

Kurowicki reported the lights "created a blind spot in my field of vision, had to rely on instruments until about 100 feet (above ground level) because of the distraction."

One pilot reported that the stadium's score board could cause future problems. "The extremely bright stadium board display lights were on at full illumination and were an extreme visual distraction to us and other pilots on final approach," written by the pilot.

"This sign could be very easily mistaken for the PAPI for runway 12R under poor visibility conditions leading an unsuspecting crew to mistakenly correct to the left while descending and subsequently put them on a collision course with the stadium itself."

NASA has sent a couple safety alert bulletins to the FAA, San Jose Mineta International Airport and Santa Clara's Stadium Authority regarding the issues.

The 49ers release the following statement to NBC Bay Area:

"Stadium management actively collaborates with the FAA as it relates to large scale events held at Levi's Stadium and has not been made aware of any concerns with the stadium's video boards since last year when the boards were being initially tested and calibrated. We have a great appreciation for the FAA and have worked with them to establish protocols and guidelines in the event the boards need to be recalibrated. Our top priority is always to maintain the highest level of safety and security for all guests visiting Levi's Stadium as well as the general public."

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