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Homeless Man Mourns Deputy Who Arrested Then Helped Him

SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — A homeless man is mourning the officer who arrested him.

People touched by the work of fallen Sacramento County Sheriff's deputy Mark Stasyuk in his community are sharing their stories. Colleagues have called him a man who treated everyone with respect.

That same sentiment is being shared by Josh Nordquist, a self-confessed convicted felon who is homeless.

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"It's just, the dude had a real heart," Nordquist said. "He was an awesome man."

Nordquist says after deputy Stasyuk arrested him, he routinely found him on the Rancho Cordova streets to check on him. He would offer him food, and help him get the services he needed.

Stasyuk was killed in a shooting in Rancho Cordova at a Pep Boys while responding to a disturbance on Monday.

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"It breaks my heart," Nordquist said. "I'd die for his family. I had heard a little while ago he just got married it's just so sad."

"The man was just a real man, you know, he had a heart and he understood I was in a tight spot."

As new details about the Stasyuk's life emerge, so do the details of the man under arrest for his murder.

Anton Moore, also known as Anton Paris, was a one-time state-licensed security guard. From 2006 to 2010, Moore was licensed by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services to carry a firearm.

He also has a lengthy criminal history in Sacramento County, with many arrests on misdemeanor charges. He was convicted in 2016 on a carrying a concealed firearm charge, and a 2007 disturbing the peace charge.

He is on probation for the 2016 conviction.

Recently, Moore also posted videos on social media showing himself with guns and weed, presenting himself as a rapper named Mista Flow.

Now he's facing serious charges for killing a beloved deputy as the sheriff's department is faced with burial plans and laying one of their own to rest.

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