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Rehanna's Warriors: Rocklin Teens Raising Money In Memory Of Friend

ROCKLIN (CBS13) – A Rocklin girl lost her friend to cancer but is refusing to let her friend's death be in vain.

"Rehanna's Warriors" is primarily composed of Rocklin students. They held a yard sale Saturday to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

"It touches everyone, which is really helpful," said Emma Barton, the team captain. "A lot of people have been really kind – and even if they don't buy something, they donate. So there's a lot of support from the community and that's really fantastic."

This fundraising event is personal for Barton. Her friend Rehanna Lydon died when she was 11-years-old from a rare skeletal and muscle cancer.

"It feels really good to be able to do something because my entire goal with it was I knew I couldn't help her, but I wanted to help other people like her," Barton said.

Other volunteers and team members have also been touched by cancer. Members include survivors, family members and friends.

"My grandparents have had issues with cancer, as well as a close family friend, so I figured it was a great idea and I got involved and now I'm the co-captain so it's really great," Natasha Szombathy said.

Rehanna's memory lives on through these warriors who have the passion to get the word out to help others in need.

"Cancer is such a big issue in the world and it affects everyone. Someone has a connection so it feels awesome to be able to make it better, even just a little bit," Szombathy said.

Rehanna's Warriors raised more than $1,000 last year at their first yard sale. They are hoping to beat that number this time around.

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