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Roseville city leaders approve safety measures for city's bike trails

Paved path trails may soon be a little safer in Roseville
Paved path trails may soon be a little safer in Roseville 01:56

ROSEVILLE — Roseville city leaders on Wednesday approved allowing extra safety measures on the bike trails that run along the city's creeks.

The paved paths along the creeks are a popular recreation spot.

"We've got families using them to get out and exercise. We've got our cyclists to enjoy them. We've got kids going to and from school on our trails," said Suzanne Engelke with the City of Roseville.

Now, these trails may be a little safer thanks to a new volunteer Bike Patrol team.

"We provide on-the-spot first aid and emergency bike repairs and talk to people about trail safety," said John Poimiroo with American River Bike Patrol.

Bike Patrol members are affiliated with the National Ski Patrol, and they started offering assistance along Sacramento's American River Parkway four years ago.

Last year, they rode more than 25,000 trail miles and were named the top bike patrol team in the nation.

"There's 108 of us," said Jeff Gamache with American River Bike Patrol. "Everyone's out there just trying to do good stuff, trying to help out the community."

"That extra set of eyes out there helps because they can relay information that they see out on the trail back to city staff and back to law enforcement," Engelke said.

The American River Bike Patrol has been so successful that other towns are now reaching out for their help.

"We have Bakersfield that recently came to us and asked for advice. Redding, we're talking to them. We established a bike patrol up in El Dorado County," Pomiroo said.

In Roseville, they will ride along a 15-mile stretch of the Miners Ravine and Pleasant Grove creek trails. They are also an extra resource to help people in need and keep the trails safe.

"It's hardly a day that we go and ride where there isn't somebody saying, 'Hey, Bike Patrol. Thanks.' It's all the time. It feels great," Pomiroo said.

American River Bike Patrol is accepting new members and donations.

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