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'Recall Newsom' Campaign Ramps Up In Light Of Impending Shelter In Place

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - California's looming restrictions based on regional intensive care unit capacities are reigniting an effort to recall Governor Gavin Newsom.

Many Sacramento area business owners are now backing the campaign. The campaign was born in June of this year and now has half of the signatures it needs to call for a special election by March.

Small business owners said Newsom's latest decision was the last straw.

"It's hard on everyone," said Crystal Mitchell.

Mitchell was emotional talking about her business, Salon Cuvee, which opened one year ago. The impending stay-at-home order may be a death sentence to her shop.

"How are we going to get through it this time?" Mitchell said.

Inside the salon, you'll see a sign and petition. Hairstylist Diana Ciocan has been going to neighboring businesses and clients to rally for support to remove Newsom from office.

Ciocan volunteers for the campaign 10 to 12 hours a week. She said more small business owners are joining the movement and getting vocal about it.

"My livelihood is at stake once more, so we need you to sign," she said.

Orrin Heatlie created the campaign in June.

"They're not happy with the way he's managing this state," he said.

Heatlie called it a non-partisan effort that's heating up – in part because of support from frustrated small business owners.

"It's grown exponentially ever since his French Laundry debacle where he attended the birthday party," he said.

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The last time California recalled a governor was in 2003 with Gray Davis, who was replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So could the recall actually work?

CBS13 Political Analyst Gary Dietrich said it will take a visible candidate to step into the governor's role – and a lot of cash.

"Could it happen again? Yes. Is it likely? Let's see where things go in the next few weeks and what people feel like if and when these lockdowns happen," Dietrich said.

The campaign has 800,000 signatures so far and needs 1.6 million to call for a special election by March 10.

CBS13 reached out to the Governor's Office for comment, but have yet to hear back.

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